School Projects

Commercial Project:
A commercial I made together with a bunch of awesome people for the Change organisation from Roskilde festival. 

A couple of thumbnails from color class with Joaquim Royo 

Project Q

The result of 3 month work. I have been doing design, modelling, rigging, shading, texturing, lighting, and comp. A big thanks to Stine Andersen from The Animation Workshop for the collaboration doing the design week and for making the great animation. 

A break down of the project Q. 

Trailer Project

This semester project I have been working together with a bunch of amazing people.
This Characters hands was made smaller in the final trailer to fit the scale better.
This is a shader and texture test for the trailer.  

An assignment from school I should created 3 characters and challenge myself by drawing something I normally wouldn't.

Assignment in storytelling.

Der Vogel was made in corporation with Simone T. Sofie K. Michelle K. Marion S. and Steffen D. Form CG and CA 11 The Animation workshop. I been working on backgrounds and editing.

This is a design I have made for my current project, wich is to design a realistic humanoid. Shes a witchdoctor, from the 14th century, who lives as an outcast in the forrest, where she sells medicin for people who have no where else to turn to. 

 A turn around of my witch doctor in a relaxed T-pose.

4 days of modeling with clay and this was what came out of it. :)

2 weeks with character modeling and this is the result everything is made in Autodesk Maya. It's still WIP the fur af the wolf needs to be worked on.

A layout assignment from the storyboard of Totoro.

Dinosaur playground.
Ghostship invading Venice.

A Weapon from the sunken city Atlantis.

A little mediterranean girl for the project that I'm currently working on.

With environment.

The finished scene in 3D. 

My first all done environment in 3D. Made in Maya.

An assignment from school, using new methodes to find a design.

A robotgraveyard. This is a perspectiv, value and rendering assignment from school, with focus on values. Top nice topic.